3rd Generation Agglomeration Program for Brig-Visp-Naters

The agglomeration in the surroundings of the cities Brig, Visp and Naters has already submitted its 3rd generation agglomeration program to the federal authorities. EBP was entrusted for the second time to play a supporting role in the substantive drafting of the program.

A Tradition of Inter-municipal Planning in Upper Valais

As early as the year 2005, the municipal authorities of Brig-Glis, Visp and Naters agreed to intensify their cooperation relating to development projects. The scope of this cooperation was then expanded to include the surrounding municipalities two years later after the submission of a joint 1st generation agglomeration program to the federal authorities. This gave rise to the Brig-Visp-Naters agglomeration. Today, the agglomeration encompasses the municipalities of Baltschieder, Bitsch, Brig-Glis, Eggerberg, Lalden, Naters, Ried-Brig, Termen and Visp, and thereby accounts for nearly 45 percent of the population of Upper Valais. In recognition of its central role in matters of development in the Upper Valais region, the agglomeration’s representatives are committed to meeting all development challenges with an eye to protecting the interests of the entire region.

Positive Evaluation by the Federal Agency

After the federal authorities responded to the first two agglomeration programs with praise and correspondingly generous development allowances, the focus for the 3rd generation program was on enhanced program quality. Given that many measures had already been successfully implemented to account for pedestrian and bicycle traffic, the latest agglomeration program is largely devoted to improving traffic safety, establishing transportation-system access and lowering traffic volume in residential areas.

Process and Technical Support

EBP was entrusted by the agglomeration committee for the second time to support RWO AG, the regional competence center for development, in the context of drafting the latest version of the agglomeration program. In addition to the substantive preparation (i.e. updating the program with respect to settlement, traffic and landscape development), EBP’s consulting assignment encompassed process design and coordinating all efforts with the municipalities and the Settlement and Transportation Commission.

Picture Credits: Agglo Brig-Visp-Naters/RWO

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