A2 Belchen Tunnel – Ensuring Tunnel Safety

The Federal Roads Office is improving the safety of the heavily used Belchen Tunnel. EBP is tasked with planning the new control centres at the tunnel portals.

Measures designed to optimise the safety of the Belchen Tunnel include improving the tunnel’s ventilation and smoke extraction systems for fire safety. This will require additional ventilators and the construction of two exhaust shafts of approximately 200 m between the two adjacent tunnels.

Given that the necessary changes will require significantly larger control centres, the existing control centres at the north and south portals will be replaced by much larger facilities. This work will also include demolishing the intermediate ceiling in the area of the control centres.

As part of the INGE AGB (Amberg Engineering, Gähler + Partner, EBP) collaboration, EBP is responsible for planning the new construction of the tunnel control centres, including the reconstruction of the intermediate ceiling.

Our remit not only includes planning the load-bearing structure, but also constructing/renovating the access roads to the control centres and planning and managing the internal construction of the control centres.