Adapting agglomeration development programs for mountain cantons

While the various agglomerations in Switzerland’s mountain regions are important drivers of settlement and transportation-infrastructure development, their situation differs in important respects from that of cities and municipalities in the regions of the Swiss Plateau. Working together with the mountain cantons of Graubünden, Uri, and Valais, we have documented the specific challenges faced by alpine agglomerations. We have also assisted them by drafting proposals for improving and adapting their agglomeration development programs in terms of policies and professional expertise to better reflect their special needs.

Our services

  • Evaluation of how the agglomerations themselves have experienced the second and third-generation agglomeration-development programs
  • Presentation of the specific characteristics of and challenges faced by the alpine agglomerations
  • Provision of assistance to the mountain cantons in the context of representing their concerns and proposals so as to ensure compliance with federal requirements relating to agglomeration-development programs and measures
  • Development of talking points for presentation at the level of the Swiss Parliament and cantonal agencies

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