Agglomeration Obersee

The cantons and municipalities in the Agglo Obersee Association are aiming for a more coordinated approach to settlement and transport development. EBP supports the association when it comes to drafting agglomeration programmes and helping to manage organisational and public-relations work on behalf of the association’s operational team.

The Agglo Obersee Association encompasses 13 municipalities on Upper Lake Zurich that belong to the cantons of St. Gallen, Schwyz and Zurich. A total of around 128,000 inhabitants and 65,000 employees make the agglomeration an important economic and residential area. EBP has provided its consulting, management and public-relations services to the Agglo Obersee Association since 2005.

By founding a common association, the cantons and municipalities signalled their determination to take a more coordinated approach to the task of creating solutions for cantonal and municipal transport and settlement development. The agglomeration programmes drafted and implemented jointly by the members have proved to be an important instrument in achieving the association’s objectives.

Following the successful 1st and 2nd generation agglomeration programmes, (development projects involving the Richterswil Bus Station and a new traffic plan for the municipality of Lachen have already been initiated, for example), the association is currently drafting a 3rd generation programme. In contrast to the two earlier programmes, the latest programme has included a more extensive development of existing contents and a more detailed examination of particular subjects such as traffic safety, pedestrian traffic and settlement development.

In addition to measures in the area of settlement and landscape development, the programme also contains infrastructure measures that are to be financed in part by the federal government. These projects will also have to be realised between 2019 and 2022 and they will have to be brought into alignment with the established objectives of the Agglo Obersee Association. For instance, the programme includes an expansion of the existing network of cycle paths and pedestrian walkways, redesigned roadways and measures to increase traffic safety.

	Zukunftsbild Aggloprogramm 3. Generation
Future image agglomeration program 3rd generation


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