Analysis of the carbon sequestration capacity of forests in Canton Aargau

As a large-scale form of land use, forests make an important contribution to climate neutrality. We used our model to calculate the sequestration capacity of forests in Canton Aargau, as well as downstream timber usage according to various future scenarios. Our work provided a scientific basis for adjusting Canton Aargau’s forest management policy to help it achieve its climate sustainability and neutrality goals by the year 2050.

Our services

  • Development of various basic scenarios for the future development of forests in Canton Aargau
  • Creation of a model by which to calculate the CO2 impact of Canton Aargau`s forest for the years 2023, 2050, 2075 and 2100
  • Evaluation of the three basic scenarios for future forest management (current approach, energy focused, CO2 optimized) including three additional scenarios to account for management, climate change and conservation
  • Writing a study report as well as factsheets

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