Analysis of climate-related risks and opportunities in the Canton of Freiburg

EBP analyses the risks and opportunities of climate change, and thereby makes a contribution to the Swiss-wide risk analysis that is currently being coordinated by the FOEN.

The Swiss Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN) is responsible for coordinating climate adaptation at the federal level. The FOEN has commissioned an assessment and comparison of the impacts of climate change and the associated risks and opportunities. This will serve as a basis for determining the areas of greatest need for action and specifying concrete adaptive measures to be implemented in Switzerland.

In this case study, EBP analyses the risks and opportunities for the Canton of Freiburg that are likely to be relevant by the year 2060. With a focus on pre-alpine geographic zones, this analysis includes various scenarios to represent possible climate, demographic and socioeconomic developments and assesses the impact that climate change can be expected to have on the following sectors: healthcare; agriculture; forest management; energy supply; water resources management; biodiversity; and tourism. Finally, the results are represented along with a comparative assessment of the uncertainties for each of the examined sectors.

These results also represent a contribution to the Swiss-wide analysis of climate-related risks and opportunities. In the Canton of Freiburg, the case study is to support the cantonal efforts to adapt to climate change.

Picture Credits: Joujou/pixelio

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