Analyzing the impact of power shortages on early warning systems

Power shortages may have an impact on the early warning systems we rely on to warn us of impending natural hazards. To estimate the vulnerability of such early warning systems in Canton Graubünden, we contacted the relevant stakeholders to clarify what the process of a grid shutdown would look like. We then used our findings to identify the areas in need of action. This will enable the canton to take quick action for the early warning systems that are not sufficiently redundant and have alternative power supply sources such as batteries.

Our services

  • Clarifying the procedure for network shutdowns with distribution network operators, telecom providers and other bodies
  • Drafting of an overview of potentially critical early warning systems along with their specific functions, responsibilities, etc.
  • Assessing the vulnerability of specific early warning systems and their components to grid shutdowns, based on interviews with system providers and cantonal experts
  • Identifying the need for action
  • Documentation

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