Anergy grid for Zurich-Based housing cooperative

In its capacity as a developer representative, the EBP team has provided expert technical support to the Zurich-based housing cooperative FGZ since 2016. One focus of this support has been on the continual development and realization of an anergy grid. Indeed, FGZ was among the first developers in Switzerland to pursue the decarbonization of home heating and hot-water supply. We have supported and represented FGZ in these efforts on a project-specific basis, providing expertise and reviewing key planning and project documents at all project stages to ensure the cooperative’s ability to make sound decisions.

Our services

  • Support and representation of FGZ in the development and realization of an anergy grid
  • Drafting of the project specifications, planning agreements, and other documents
  • Review of planning documents
  • Review of agreements and project invoices
  • Oversight to ensure the proper remedying of deficiencies
Overview of project stages

Contact persons