Animated Film for Woodchip Producers Association in Chile

There are many advantages associated with woodchip heating systems and energy efficient building envelopes in Southern Chile. Our animation film that tells the story of the “Baquedano” school’s success presents these advantages in an accessible way.

Centro de biomasa Coyhaique

"The renovation of our school is a true success story," explains Rosa, Headmistress of the "Baquedano" school in the southern Chilean City of Coyhaique, unable to conceal her enthusiasm. "My students can at last learn their lessons in a warm and pleasant environment." This is because the school has a new woodchip heating system and a well-insulated building envelope that ensures a high degree of energy efficiency. Like so many of Coyhaique’s households, the school used to burn moist logs for heat, a practice that has led to ever-increasing levels of airborne particulate matter and smog in the small city’s atmosphere.

The school orders its supply of woodchips from the "Centro de Biomasa" woodchip producers association, an association that was founded in Chile by EBP. In addition to woodchips, the association offers pellets and high-quality cordwood. In order to achieve greater name recognition and reinforce the association’s favourable public image, the communication team at EBP decided to tell the story of the Baquedano school’s success in the form of an animation film. Storytelling techniques are used to help illustrate in an easily accessible manner and at an emotional level the added value "Centro de Biomasa" has helped to create. In addition to this, the 1-minute film illustrates the advantages of an energy-efficient building envelope – a subject that has received little attention in Chile up until now.

In order to achieve the highest possible name recognition, the film has been made available via conventional channels of communication such as workshop and event presentations and via various online venues such as the websites, newsletters, and social-media platforms of our partners. These online venues offer an especially cost-effective means of communicating the added value created by “Centro de Biomasa”.

EBP is responsible for the idea, conception and quality of the film’s content. The film was produced by the Chilean advertising agency "Pájaro".

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