AQA Crime prevention

EBP introduced security-related considerations into planning the new Aeschbach district in Aarau. The approach is currently unique within Switzerland.

The new Aeschbach district (AQA) has emerged in Aarau. The planning has been conducted in accordance with German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB) criteria. To obtain “DGNB city district” certification, security and crime prevention measures also need to be in place.

The client, Mobimo AG, took this opportunity to consider elements of crime prevention in detail in the planning phase of AQA.

In collaboration with Christian Weicht, an expert on crime prevention, EBP took on the following tasks:

  • Awareness workshop for designers, to show them how elements of crime prevention should be considered in the planning processes
  • Advice on the consideration of crime prevention aspects in the context of the AQA environment and the overall urban planning concept
  • Advice on the consideration of crime prevention aspects for construction site 4
AQA Crime prevention
Moderated discussion of the crime prevention assessment by the participants.

The crime prevention plans for the AQA is currently unique within Switzerland. Security issues had not previously been considered so comprehensively or in such depth in district planning.

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