Assessing alternative streetcar routes in Zurich’s university district

The pace of development in Zurich’s centrally-located university district (also referred to by its German acronym HGZZ) is expected to accelerate in the coming years. Access to the district via public transportation is secured via an existing streetcar network along the two main streets flanking the HGZZ, namely Rämistrasse and Gloriastrasse. In light of the coming changes, EBP was commissioned to provide a basis for determining whether the planned development would best be accommodated by operating the streetcar along the center or the side of the roadway. After examining the issue, we provided the relevant information to the project steering committee, placing special emphasis on an intuitive method of assessment and a procedure that would account for all of the relevant stakeholders.

Our services

  • Establishment of an intuitive assessment method to illuminate the advantages and disadvantages of the two variants
  • Drafting of a criteria catalogue
  • Assessment of the criteria, based on available information and discussions among experts
  • Interpretation of the results and drafting of a summary
  • Conception and moderation of workshops
Strassenprofile Rämistrasse, Mittellage
Street profile (Rämistrasse), showing center routing (Picture Credits: Weissbuch HGZZ, 2018)

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