Assessing the financial impact of a development project in Uetikon am See

The municipality of Uetikon am See is planning to launch a development project at the site of a former chemicals factory that will include both public and private use of property. Working on behalf of the municipality, we examined the project’s direct and indirect financial impact and worked out a financially sustainable development plan that takes account of both one-time expenses and proceeds (e.g. site purchase price, infrastructure investments, property sales) and follow-up expenses and proceeds (e.g. tax revenue and education-related costs).

Our services

  • Analysis of municipal finances for the period 2013-2017: city expenditure and income structure
  • Analysis of the necessary infrastructure investments and other one-time expenses and proceeds (purchase or sale of property), as well as cantonal contributions
  • Scenario calculations
  • Modeling of population and job development over 40 years
  • Modeling of the municipal accounts: cashflow statement; income statement; and investment appraisal
  • Adjustment of expenses and proceeds to current values for purposes of comparison

Picture Credits: Canton of Zurich Building Department, Office of Spatial Development

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