Assessing the impact of the new Gotthard Base Tunnel

The Gotthard Base Tunnel was opened in 2016. What impact has the tunnel had on passenger and freight transportation? And what impact has it had on the economies, local populations, and settlement patterns of the cantons of Ticino and Uri? Working together with the Swiss consulting firm INFRAS and the Swiss engineering firm Brugnoli e Gottardi, we applied 33 indicators to assess the initial impact of the new railway infrastructure. In 2023, our investigations will expand to include the new Ceneri Base Tunnel and the new cantonal railway station in Altdorf.

Our services

  • Development of a visualization concept
  • Implementation of a dynamic visualization tool
  • Further development of a monitoring concept and final specification of assessment indicators
  • Procurement and processing of data
  • Creation of data visualizations for synthesis
  • Description and interpretation of economic, settlement, and population developments

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