Assessing the land-use provisions for a biogas plant in Bachenbülach

Working on behalf of Axpo Biomasse AG, we examined the land-use requirements that would need to be met for a new biogas plant at the existing location in Bachenbülach. We coordinated our efforts with the relevant cantonal agencies, the Zürcher Unterland Planning Association, and the municipality of Bachenbülach. Based on our assessment of the site, we ascertained the conditions that would have to be met to obtain an entry in the regional development plan and clarified the necessity of any additional municipal planning instruments.

Our services

  • Compilation and assessment of the statutory provisions (cantonal and regional development plan, zoning plan, and other applicable laws and ordinances)
  • Assessment of site suitability from the perspective of the applicable land-use provision
  • Consultation and coordination with cantonal, regional, and municipal representatives
  • Definition of the process and clarification of the prerequisites for the inclusion of a new site in the regional development plan

Main Image: Biogas Plant Wauwil
Picture Credits: ©Axpo

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