Assessing the risk of improperly secured vehicle cargo

Highway accidents can occur as a result of improperly secured vehicle cargo. What is frequency of such accidents on federal highways in Switzerland and what kinds of damage do they cause? Are the bridge owners liable? And what are their obligations? We assembled an interdisciplinary team of experts to answer these questions and to identify highway bridges overseen by the FEDRO Winterthur, where the potential damage from falling cargo can be expected to be the greatest. We also recommended cost-effective actions to make bridges safer.

Our services

  • Analysis of the accidents caused by improperly secured cargo
  • Identification of potentially dangerous highway bridges via GIS analysis
  • Assessment of the risks for the areas below bridges
  • Legal assessment of bridge-owner liability
  • Inspection of selected highway bridges for compliance with the latest standards
  • Drafting of proposals outlining cost-effective actions

Picture: Highway bridges above a parking lot, one bridge outfitted with a noise barrier and one with guardrails and fencing
Picture Credits: © EBP, Bettina Zahnd

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