Assessment of development potential at the Suhr railway station

Plans have been made to develop the area around the Suhr Railway Station in the Canton of Aargau. In the interest of determining the development potential associated with the area just south of the railway station, Losinger Marazzi commissioned EBP to develop various utilization and development proposals.

A master plan was drafted in 2003 to establish a set of basic criteria for the development of the area around the Suhr Railway Station in the Canton of Aargau. This plan designates the area as a site that is to be reserved for the development of a new municipal services center.

Losinger Marazzi commissioned EBP to assess the development potential of a 56,000-square-meter area south of the railway station. Beginning with a planning perimeter extending across several pieces of property, we examined various utilization concepts, development alternatives, construction-site arrangements and urban housing projects, including quantity estimates, as well as possibilities of phased development.

The results confirm the viability of multifaceted development and utilization alternatives. Working together with Losinger Marazzi, EBP arrived at a preferred plan, on the basis of which further talks with municipality officials and property owners have taken place.

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