Assessment of traffic light operating times in Basel-Stadt

The Basel-Stadt Cantonal Council recently passed a motion forcing the canton to review the appropriateness of the operating times of all of its traffic lights. The Basel-Stadt Department of Transportation then commissioned EBP to carry out the review. EBP drafted a checklist by which to review the operating times and adjust them as necessary.

Systematic evaluation of the operational necessity

Working on behalf of the Basel-Stadt Department of Transportation, EBP assessed the appropriateness of the operating times for each of the traffic lights (TLs) in the canton. EBP developed an evaluation system that provided a basis for the uniform, efficient and verifiable assessment of the operating times for all TLs. The assessment focused in particular on criteria related to traffic flow and traffic safety. These were documented in an easy-to-use checklist.

Setting the new operating times

In a first step, we used the checklist  to assess all TLs based on time-independent criteria (e.g. visibility). Based on this analysis some traffic lights were excluded from further evaluation. Then, we examined time-dependent criteria (e.g. traffic volume) to determine the specific times at which of the remaining TLs would have to remain in operation.

Tool for the structured management of operating times

The Canton of Basel-Stadt is now planning to implement the proposed adjustments for the TL operating times in the context of a test phase. The checklist also gives the Basel-Stadt Department of Transportation a pragmatic tool for managing their TL operating times in the future. This will enable the department to secure sustainably consistent TL operation.