AV technology for EBP office building in Berlin

We designed and realized an AV system for multiple conference rooms on the ground floor of our new office building in Berlin, next to the former "Hamburger Bahnhof" railway station.

The task was to realize a high-quality, flexible and user-friendly AV system for all of the relevant use cases. We fitted the larger conference hall with a fixed-installation system for sound and projection. This system includes central media control, a link to the building automation system and wireless signal playback for presentation media. In the smaller conference room, we realized a movable AV system with a large screen and a media player. Thanks to the system’s portability, it can also be deployed in other rooms and for other purposes.

Our goals included the elegant integration of the AV systems into the dignified setting, extensive system flexibility, and user-friendly operation. The concept we developed enabled us to meet these goals.

Our services

Drafting of multiple system-concept versions for the necessary AV equipment, including a link to the BA system; drafting of all documents for the invitation to tender; evaluation of the submitted offers; supervision of project execution; completion of the technical acceptance procedure; and transfer of system operation.

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