Avaloq Evolution AG: Solving the problem of fewer parking spaces

In the wake of a number of new development projects in the immediate vicinity of Avaloq Evolution AG’s headquarters, the company will have significantly less space available for parking. In the framework of a mobility management program, EBP has helped Avaloq to deal with a reduced number of parking spaces.

Avaloq Evolution AG’s headquarters are located on a piece of property that it shares with a number of smaller enterprises near the Manegg SZU Railway Station. Of the approximately 940 employees who work at the site, 700 are employed by Avaloq.

The mobility management solution

In connection with new development projects at the site of the company’s headquarters, the space available for parking will decrease significantly while the number of employees and residents in need of parking options at the site will increase. Only a few aboveground, metered parking spaces will remain for visitors, and the number of parking spaces allocated to Avaloq in the underground parking garage will also decrease. Given the company’s need to solve the problem of parking space scarcity, Avaloq commissioned EBP to devise an appropriate mobility-management plan. To establish a basis for the plan, we first analyzed the current parking situation and compared it to the anticipated parking situation during the construction phase and upon the completion of the development projects.

Analysis of current situation, construction-phase and final states

In order to ensure maximum effectiveness, EBP tailored its plan to Avaloq’s specific needs. The work began with a detailed analysis of the current parking situation and the anticipated parking situation during the construction phase and upon completion of the development projects. This examination was supplemented by an assessment of the available public-transportation options, the number and cost of parking spaces made available to company employees and the time needed by each employee to commute to work using public transportation.

Development and evaluation of measures

We then used our analysis to develop a core solution for the effective allocation of parking spaces, as well as a number of supplementary solutions to enhance the sustainability of the overall mobility-management plan.

The core solution centers on employees reserving parking spaces on a daily basis, with parking spaces being allocated on the basis of commuting distance (particularly during the construction phase). In addition to this, EBP examined and evaluated other options such as the raffling or auctioning off of parking spaces and issuing parking entitlements based on job title or seniority.

Avaloq distanzabhängige PP-Vergabe
Allocation of parking spaces based on commuting distance in the Avaloq mobility-management plan

EBP also sat down with Avaloq representatives to work out a number of supplementary options, including the purchase of blocks of public-transportation passes at discounted rates, the promotion of car sharing and carpooling options and the optimization of infrastructure to accommodate bicycle parking.

Avaloq implemented the recommended mobility-management plan at the beginning of the construction phase in April 2017.

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