Beugenhof site development plan

The environmental services company, Schneider Umweltservice AG, seeks to implement a mixed-use development plan rather than commercial use for the Beugenhof development site in the Swiss municipality of Meilen. The development should meet high design and ecological standards. We are supporting the landowner in the development of this site and are drawing up the private design plan. The basis for the design plan is the winning project of the previous study commission or the guideline project based on it by Meier Hug Architekten AG.

Our services

  • Preparation of regulatory compliance, the site plan and the explanatory resort in accordance with Art. 47 of the Swiss Spatial Planning Ordinance
  • Coordination of the required export reviews (e.g., in regard to traffic, noise)
  • Drafting the report on all unaddressed objections submitted during the public consultation period
  • Accompanying the development plan throughout the preliminary examination and approval procedure
  • Coordinating with the municipality and cantonal authorities
  • Preparation of the flood protection certificate

Contact persons