BIM consulting services for municipal works building in Bern

The city of Bern’s building construction and real estate agencies plan to complete the construction of a new municipal works building (Werkhof Forsthaus) using building information modeling (BIM). EBP was commissioned to provide strategic BIM consulting services in the framework of BIM management project.

The aim of the project is to secure general BIM expertise for the two city agencies. In particular, the agencies are interested in learning how BIM can contribute to the success of the development project. Acting in the capacity of a BIM management consultant, EBP supported both agencies.

In the framework of a series of workshops, the EBP project team:

  • Identified BIM-specific potential
  • Defined strategic and specific usage goals
  • Assessed the available tools
  • Evaluated possible data-exchange platforms
  • Drafted process-flow diagrams
  • Defined key documents, including the BIM execution plan (BEP), the data-requirements sheets and the room specifications
  • Created a digital mock-up with all process participants
  • Completed a proof of concept (POC) check of the BIM coordination
  • Established an effectiveness monitoring program for all subsequent planning sequences

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