BIM coordination for Bahnhofstrasse 3 project in Zurich

EBP was commissioned to act in the dual capacity of façade planner and chief coordinator of building information modeling (BIM) for the Transformation Bahnhofstrasse 3 project, a major building conversion designed by the architectural firm Studio Märkli.

The goal of the building conversion is to provide new office space commercial premises. Achieving this will require the complete removal of the building’s service core while leaving its heritage-protected sandstone façade intact. A new load-bearing structure with reinforced concrete ceilings and support structures is to be erected on the inside. The building is to be outfitted with cutting-edge building-services systems and raised by two full stories. Moreover, the foundation slab under the building’s basement is to be removed to enable the construction of two additional basement levels.

BIM Gesamtkoordination Bahnhofstrasse 3

Greater planning security and quality thanks to BIM

The extensive conversion presents significant coordination, planning and execution challenges. To increase planning security and quality, a decision was made to use BIM throughout the planning phase. EBP was commissioned to act as the chief BIM coordinator in the planning team. Using open BIM and the Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) specification, we enabled all relevant models to be shared seamlessly. In our role as coordinators, we generated a master model to enable rule checking and clash detection. We also secured a coordinated approach to unresolved planning issues using the BIM Collaboration Format (BCF). Finally, the introduction of a reporting system enabled us to represent planning progress, generate a bill of materials for cost itemization according to the eBKP-H construction-cost planning tool, and ensure the plausibility of construction sequencing.

Picture Credits Main Image: Visualization Studio Märkli

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