BIM rollout strategy for Swiss FEDRO

In the context of assessing the potential of building information modeling (BIM) to facilitate the administration and operation of federal infrastructure, the Swiss Federal Roads Office (FEDRO) has commissioned EBP to help it draft an implementation strategy.

The Swiss Federal Council included the “Digital Switzerland” strategy in its action plan for 2018. The strategy specifies the use of BIM for all federal infrastructure buildings from 2025 (as per the digital building model standard).

As Switzerland’s leading operator of infrastructure, the FEDRO has now assembled an internal working group to meet this exact challenge.

How BIM can facilitate FEDRO operations

Working together with our partners at the engineering firm Jauslin Stebler AG, we joined FEDRO’s BIM working group in the capacity of a consultant. Our main aim was to identify BIM’s potential to facilitate FEDRO operations and to formulate a strategy for its implementation.

Our consulting services included:

  • Identifying the technical challenges associated with the use of BIM for infrastructure
  • Identifying the internal and external areas that would require FEDRO action
  • Drafting of a step-by-step implementation plan
  • Providing support in the context of calls to tender for pilot projects
  • Assisting the internal FEDRO working group
  • Assessing the results of pilot projects

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