Biodiversity report for Forchbahn AG

Working on behalf of the Swiss railway company Forchbahn AG, we documented the progress the railway had made towards achieving the biodiversity goals provided for in the Service Agreement 2021 – 2024 ratified by the Swiss Federal Office of Transport and all of the relevant railway operators. To complete this task, we determined what biodiversity measures had been completed so far through interviews with a range of experts. Our proposals indicate additional biodiversity measures for implementation in the coming years.

Our services

  • Representation of the Forchbahn Railway’s environmental context (i.e. its spatial relationship to the built and natural landscape)
  • Outline of the specific challenges (e.g. comprehensive rail-line renovation)
  • Assessment of the relevant source material (e.g. railway maps, railway videos, greenway maps, lighting concept)
  • Interviews with various Forchbahn AG specialists
  • Drafting of an up-to-date greenway plan (GIS)
  • Documentation of all results in a report along with accompanying plans

Main Image: Biodiversity zone adjacent to the Spital-Zollikerberg Station
Picture Credits: © EBP, Tobias Tschopp

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