Brand relaunch of the Swiss Sustainable Building Standard (SNBS)

The Swiss Sustainable Building Standard (SNBS) defines the criteria for sustainable buildings. It takes equal account of the areas of society, economy and environment. We developed a new marketing strategy for the SNBS building certification. In just four months, we refined its positioning, developed an independent brand identity tailored to its target groups, created a new website as well as other online and print products. To meet the tight schedule, we took care to involve the key stakeholders in the process right from the start.

Our services

  • Project management and consulting on the process
  • Stakeholder workshop taking a user-centered design approach
  • Development of brand concept, positioning and messaging
  • Corporate design development, including visual concept
  • Concept, text and design of the new website
  • Creation of marketing materials (flyers, online banners, LinkedIn account, templates)

Contact persons