Brochure: The Agglomeration Programs of the Canton of Zürich

One of the aims of agglomeration programs is to ensure sustainable development by harmonizing new housing and transportation projects. The appealingly designed public relations brochure that was drafted to present Zurich’s 3rd-generation agglomeration programs to a larger public audience shows how the harmonization process works in the Canton of Zurich.

In December 2016, the Canton of Zurich submitted four 3rd-generation agglomeration programs for approval to the federal authorities. The individual programs included “City of Zurich and the Glatt Valley,” “Winterthur and Surroundings,” “Zurich Highlands” and “Limmat Valley” (this latter program was submitted jointly with the Canton of Aargau). In the context of assuming overall responsibility for drafting the agglomeration programs, EBP also drafted an appealing brochure as a means of presenting the four agglomeration programs to the public.

Broschüre Aggloprogramm

The 84-page brochure offers an accessible and richly explanatory overview of the four agglomeration programs. The brochure’s uniformly structured chapters and color concept enable readers to quickly orient themselves. Infographics offer an intuitive presentation of all key data and indicators, including those relating to population and traffic development in the four agglomeration areas. Attractive, large-format pictures offer visually compelling support for all core messages.

Our services in the context of the project consisted of:

  • Content and design
  • Editing
  • Image selection and processing
  • Brochure layout and typesetting
  • Copyediting

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