Brochure: Biomass in simple terms

Renewable, carbon-neutral, sustainable: Energy from biomass offers so many real advantages. But the topic is complicated. That's why many people also misunderstand it. Our brochure will guide you safely through the biomass jungle and transform a rather dry subject into a thrilling adventure with storytelling and infographics aimed at a wide, non-specialist audience.

Come into the Meier family’s front room. Here, organic household waste ends up not only in the green bin, but also in the heating system. Visit Messrs Millo and Zeller who harvest a great deal from manure and slurry in their biogas plant. Get a picture of the independent energy region of the Schwyz valley, which Agro Energie Schwyz AG has created out of waste and wood fuel.

Sustainable all-rounders

All these examples show that valuable, renewable, carbon-neutral biomass energy can be obtained from numerous types of organic waste, as well as from forest and waste wood. It provides power, warmth and even fuel, so it's no wonder that biomass is known as an all-rounder when it comes to renewable energy sources.

Many advantages, but difficult to understand

The advantages of biomass energy are numerous. Despite this, it is often met with suspicion. The topic is so complicated that it is often not understood properly. In our brochure for the Swiss Federal Office of Energy (SFOE) we explain the topic clearly and in layman's terms. What types of biomass that can be converted into renewable energy? How is it converted into power, heating and fuel? Where should this approach be used in Switzerland, in order to use more biomass energy? And why is this concept climate-friendly and sustainable?


Fleshed out with infographics and storytelling

Our infographics ensure that readers enjoy getting to grips with the technical issues. At the same time they are easy to understand and well structured.

This also applies to the Meier family, Messrs Millo and Zeller, and Agro Energie AG Schwyz. With these biomass-related stories, we use specific examples to illustrate why this is a worthwhile concept and to inspire our readership to follow suit.

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The technical quality assurance of the contents was carried out by our biomass experts in collaboration with Holzenergie Schweiz.


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