A Brochure to offer an intuitive explanation of the «OASE» Transportation Development Plan

Taking aim at the problem of high-volume traffic in Ostaargau, the Ostaargau Transportation Development Plan (OASE) includes a variety of measures for effective traffic management. In light of the importance of helping citizens to understand the complexities of the project and to thereby to give them an opportunity to participate in the planning process, EBP has developed an explanatory brochure offering a carefully selected set of intuitive maps and infographics.

Titel- und Innenseite der Broschüre

More people lead to more traffic. The truth of this simple axiom is plainly visible in Ostaargau today. Indeed, the growth in the region’s population has far outpaced that of the rest of the canton. The “OASE” Transportation Development Plan includes a variety of interrelated measures designed to counteract the problems associated with higher volumes of traffic. The broad-based range of measures focus on roadway infrastructure, access to public transportation in city and town centers, and improvements in the available infrastructure for pedestrians and bicyclists. All of the measures have also been designed to account for railway development plans and other spatial development goals.

The aim of the brochure is to help residents understand the priorities established in the “OASE” plan. With intuitive maps and lavish infographics, our brochure explains the causes of the region’s excessive traffic and illustrates the ways in which the “OASE” plan can solve the problem. The brochure provides the layman with intuitive explanations of various concepts involved in these issues, such as settlement development, and source and destination traffic, and their relationship to one another.

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