Building Information Modeling for Executives

Various executives and specialists from Appenzell Railways recently took advantage of our BIM-seed training program, which is designed to convey the BIM fundamentals in a nutshell and apply them to one’s organization. Having already benefited from a preliminary e-learning phase, the participants were able to directly draft a BIM strategy for their company in the subsequent workshop. The targeted conveyance of information enabled participants within a day to take the initial steps towards introducing the BIM method to their company.

Our services

  • Teaching the BIM method and its most important concepts in a compact e-learning
  • Conducting a workshop for executives to apply the theoretical learnings to the participants’ own organization
  • Preparation of the contents in multimedia form, including a forum and glossary
  • Drafting an organization-specific BIM strategy and roadmap
  • Drafting of a checklist for implementing BIM

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