Campaign to celebrate Minergie’s 20th anniversary

Minergie, the Swiss standards agency working to promote energy-efficient buildings, is celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2018. To mark the occasion, EBP has developed an innovative and emotionally evocative anniversary campaign to highlight Minergie’s achievements and future goals.

The campaign will extend throughout the entire anniversary year and will include measures designed to address the various target groups, including clients, partners and the general public.

Campaign goal

The campaign highlights Minergie’s many accomplishments while at the same time taking account of its future mission. Minergie is an innovative enterprise whose energy-efficiency standards always reflect the latest developments.
EBP also used the anniversary campaign to highlight the personal aspects of the Minergie standard. After all, the occupants and users of buildings often experience a sense of personal attachment to their buildings. This is revealed in the campaign’s focus on both facts and emotions.
The aim of the anniversary campaign is to address residents, users, real-estate developers, specialists and other stakeholders alike. These target groups include young families and the growing number of individuals who are planning their home and work lives with an eye to environmental sustainability.

Minergie – 20 years of a shared commitment

The Minergie’s story is a success story that has turned on contribution made by an entire community, including the Minergie team, residents, real-estate developers, architects, partners, cantons and municipalities. In order to capture this shared commitment, we make use of the notion of a Minergie City that has shown impressive growth over the last 20 years and will continue to grow in the future. After getting started with a single residential building, the Minergie enterprise has gone on to certify around 50,000 buildings that provide a place to live, work and play for roughly one million people.
The Minergie City enables us to illustrate the full scope of Minergie’s work, ranging from single-family homes to public-sector administrative buildings, private-sector office buildings, industrial facilities, indoor swimming pools, museums and schools.

Jubiläum Website Animation
Navigation through the Minergie Anniversary Website

Measures: 360° website

The core of the campaign is an explorative website with a 360° look. This enables site visitors to visualize and experience the Minergie City as it develops dynamically throughout the year. The aim is to make readers curious and allow them to discover something with each visit. Items include prominent Minergie houses, interviews with real-estate developers, energy-saving figures for specific buildings and best-practice examples in various building categories.

The residents and users of Minergie buildings are also given an opportunity to express their views in articles, interviews and documentary films. We make use of storytelling, unusual facts, service tips and first-hand reports to showcase the versatility of Minergie and capture the surprising extent to which Minergie is present throughout Switzerland. The website was nominated for an AWWWARDS Web Design Prize and went on to win an honorable mention.
EBP’s campaign work also includes 4 explanatory films, an exhibition appearance, diverse social-media actions, events, anniversary stationery, flyers and drafts for giveaways.

The anniversary is to reflect the positive nature of the enterprise and underscore the fact that there is indeed something to celebrate!

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