Cantonal energy plan for Glarus

Working on behalf of the Swiss canton of Glarus, we drafted an energy plan for the period 2020-2035 with the goal of enabling the canton to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050. Using our analysis of the existing energy concept, current energy-supply systems, and the available sources of renewable energy in the canton, we also drafted an action plan to accompany the new energy plan. The specified actions are to be taken in the areas of spatial planning, building practices, mobility, business operation, energy-supply systems, and communications.

Our services

  • Drafting of an assessment of energy and climate performance for the power, heating, and transportation sectors
  • Performance check of the canton of Glarus’ existing energy plan for the period 2012-2020
  • Organization of workshops for cantonal, municipal, and energy-sector representatives
  • Assessment of the available sources of renewable energy in the canton
  • Drafting of an action plan designed to achieve the defined goals

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