The carbon sequestration benefits of harvested wood products

Since 2014, EBP supports the Verein Senke Schweizer Holz, a Swiss non-profit, with a carbon sequestration project funded by the Swiss timber industry. In addition to supporting project development, EBP ensures compliance with the Swiss Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN)’s regulatory requirements.
The aim of the project is to further exploit the carbon sequestration potential of products made from wood harvested in Switzerland with the purpose of offsetting emissions. Since its inception, the project has demonstrated annual net increases in carbon sequestration within the product groups being promoted by the project. Following the initial project development, EBP has provided support to re-validate and extend the project.

Our services

  • Development of the project in accordance with FOEN specifications
  • Project oversight and support throughout all initial and subsequent FOEN validation and registration procedures

Swiss Wood Carbon Sequestration Program - Swiss Krono AG

Swiss Wood Carbon Sequestration Program - Innoholz AG

Picture Credits: © Verein Senke Schweizer Holz SSH

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