Career-development program for women in STEM or “Kultur-Wegweiser” program for STEM women and companies

The impulse program supports women in STEM to take advantage of career-development opportunities and raises the awareness of industry executives and employees to gender-related career barriers. Developed and managed jointly by Rütter Soceco, now part of EBP, and the Swiss Association of Women Engineers (SVIN), this program is now in its sixth year. So far, 23 companies have participated and more than 200 women and men in the fields of STEM as well as 250 enterprise executives and managers have been trained.

Our services

  • Joint project management with the Swiss Association of Women Engineers (SVIN)
  • Drafting of the core concept for the program
  • Program execution and evaluation
  • Provision of consulting services to the participating companies
  • Representative survey of employees regarding the subject of gender equality and work-life balance
  • Continuous program development, for example digitalization of the workshop formats
  • Establishment of a competence center for tech companies
  • Expansion of program scope (e.g. coaching for women)

Picture: The SVIN’s CSP is a career-development program that supports women and companies in a common effort to remove career barriers.

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