Charging concept for electric vehicles at the V-Zug Tech Cluster

We developed a long-term charging concept for electric vehicles in the new V-ZUG Tech Cluster with different types of charging points. We took account of various charging station types when estimating the charging demand for each building for the period up to 2045 and calculating acceptable charging rates based on a usage-based financing model. This approach enables efficient and realistic planning of the investment and operating costs, future power demand, and the required grid capacity.

Our services

  • Estimation of the charging power for all electric vehicles at the V-Zug Tech Cluster through 2045
  • Dimensioning the number of charging stations for commuters, company fleets, nearby residents and visitors per building and site-development stage (2020 to 2045)
  • Calculation of the investment and operating costs to finance the charging infrastructure in a way that fairly allocate costs to user over the lifetime of the infrastructure

Picture Credits:, ©frimufilms

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