Charging concept for the Knonauer Amt energy region

Our concept details a number of specific measures that the 14 municipalities in the canton of Zurich’s Affoltern district can implement to promote electromobility. Our forecasts on the development of electromobility served as a basis for identification of both fields of action and the instruments needed to achieve greater electromobility. To ensure broad public acceptance, we organized various participative workshops with the representatives of the municipalities to assess the measures.

Our services

  • Provision of a scenario-based forecast of the development of electromobility (e.g., including EBP data on changes in vehicle stock, charging demand, demand for charging stations, etc.)
  • Estimation and analysis of the spatial distribution of charging demand per user group
  • Identification of action fields and instruments supporting electromobility
  • Assessment and prioritization of measures to ensure public participation in the policymaking process
  • Drafting of recommendations for action

Image: What role should the municipality play in providing charging infrastructure?
Picture Credits:, dcbel

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