Charging infrastructure concept for Davos

The rapid development of electromobility has left many municipalities wondering whether and to what extent they should play a role in providing charging infrastructure. We have helped many municipalities to navigate this issue. With our electromobility scenarios and our broad expertise on the status and future development of the charging infrastructure, we help municipalities estimate their charging needs, define their roles and identify appropriate measures.

Our services

  • Analysis of the municipality’s current situation regarding alternative propulsion systems
  • Assessment of the current charging infrastructure, including its geographic distribution, charging performance and capacity to meet a full range of charging needs
  • Drafting of forecasts for three electromobility scenarios: passenger vehicles, charging demand and charging infrastructure
  • Elaboration of location-specific action recommendations
  • Development of the role of the municipality

Image: What role should the municipality play in providing charging infrastructure?
Picture Credits:, dcbel

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