City of Biel Security Strategy 2020

The Swiss city of Biel assessed its security status, examined the latest security-related trends and drafted a new security strategy.

In addition to helping the Swiss city of Biel to assess its security status, EBP further developed the method applied in the Safe Swiss Cities 2025 project and created an innovative security radar system that allows the city’s law-enforcement officials to conveniently assess various security parameters, including disturbance of the peace, extremism, radicalization, crime, and traffic infraction.

Focus on current and future security levels

Beyond providing an assessment of the city’s current security status, the assessment also ventures a look into the future. Working together with a core group of specialists and city officials, EBP examined trends and developments that are especially relevant to Biel, and derived their potential impact on the city`s future security.

The new security concept gives Biel various strategic goals that can be used as guidelines for city officials charged to carry out security-related planning tasks and make critical decisions.

In various workshops organized and moderated by EBP, the core group worked out numerous proposals for maintaining or enhancing the city’s current high level of security. The cross-department exchange among the individuals in the core group also reinforced the city’s excellent security culture.

We supported the city of Biel together with Magali Bernard of KEK-CDC Consultants.


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