City of Lucerne 2016 Security Report

What is the security situation in the city of Lucerne? Next to its examination of the current security situation in the city of Lucerne, EBP placed an additional focus on the subject of security for senior citizens.

The city of Lucerne commissions regular studies of its security situation. It then uses the results of these studies to devise corrective measures for the detected security deficits. In maintaining this systematic approach to security management, Lucerne has assumed a pioneering role among Swiss cities and has received much national and international attention.

The city’s 2016 Security Report offers an evaluation of how the security situation has changed in recent years and outlines the security measures already taken. Experience shows that the Lucerne security reports are no mere paper tigers. Indeed, most of the measures proposed since 2007 have already been successfully implemented. Moreover, the security reports also make an important contribution to the effectiveness of the city’s interdisciplinary security network, which cooperates on a strategic and operational level.

The 2016 Security Report provides a basis for continued short and medium-term security planning while also anticipating the city’s future security needs. As it turns out, the number of Lucerne’s residents aged 85 or older is expected to double by the year 2035. Older individuals are exposed to different risks than younger people. They are more security-conscious, and they have other concerns and needs that need to be addressed by city officials. The 2016 Security Report therefore focused on the topic of “security for senior citizens” and identified numerous measures to both improve their security and respond to their different security-related sensibilities.

An up-to-date security analysis, efforts to check the effectiveness of implemented measures and the development of further security measures form a comprehensive and practical basis for far-sighted security planning in Lucerne. With a focus on “security for senior citizens”, the Security Report 2016 also takes account of anticipated demographic and other changes.

Picture Credits: Dominik Blum

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