Civil Protection 2030

What trends will be relevant to future civil protection? And what issues will need to be addressed by the organisations and decision makers responsible? The presentation given by EBP outlines the most important developments and challenges we will face in the future.

Switzerland is undergoing a process of urbanisation. Its population is growing. Private enterprises are assuming responsibility for an increasing number of security-related tasks. The climate is changing. Information technology is becoming ever more dominant.

These and other megatrends can be expected to play a key role in Switzerland’s approach to civil protection in the coming years and decades as the nature of the threats we face continues to change. Moreover, the necessary material and financial resources are becoming scarcer and it is becoming harder to find suitably qualified employees.

What are the most important developments for civil protection? What are the specific challenges associated with these developments? And how should those in charge respond?

On the basis of a trend report drafted by the Futurology Workgroup at EBP, a compelling presentation and analysis of the issues involved has been developed. While the presentation is directed primarily at organisations within the Swiss Civil Protection System and other representative of the Swiss Security Association, it is also suitable for foreign civil protection authorities and agencies.

The length and content of the presentation can be modified to meet the needs of particular audiences. We have so far had the opportunity to deliver the presentation to members of the following organisations, among others:

  • Swiss Federal Office for Civil Protection
  • National Emergency Operations Centre
  • Spiez Laboratory
  • Liechtenstein Head Security Office
  • Aargau Cantonal Emergency Operations Office
  • Zurich Department of Public Safety
  • Lucerne Emergency Operations Office
  • Firefighters of the Canton of Zurich
  • Swiss Civil Defence Association
  • Civil Defense Commander Canton of Zurich
  • Civil Defense Commander Canton of Aargau
  • Regional governing body Canton of Aargau
  • Regional governing body lower Fricktal
  • Regional governing body median Reusstal
  • Security Commission of the Swiss Municipality of Maur (Canton of Zurich)

Picture Credits: Schweizer Luftwaffe

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