Civil protection readiness analysis for Canton of Thurgau

Is the Canton of Thurgau's Civil Protection Agency sufficiently prepared for the potential hazards it faces? EBP carried out a readiness analysis to identify potential for improvement and appropriate measures.

EBP used the results of a risk analysis it carried out between 2012 and 2013 on behalf of the Canton of Thurgau as a basis for its latest readiness analysis. The aim of the readiness analysis was to examine the extent to which the Thurgau Civil Protection Agency is prepared for the potential hazards it faces.

As in the case of the risk analysis, EBP provided the Thurgau Civil Protection and Defense Agency with extensive methodological and substantive support. The focus was on the following tasks:

  • Identification of key resources: What human and material resources (and back-up resources) are indispensable for effective civil protection and therefore must be available in sufficient quantities?
  • Deficit analysis: With which tasks and hazards is there still room for improvement?
  • Measurements planning: What measures need to be implemented to secure the necessary improvements?
  • Measures prioritization: What measures should be implemented on an expedited basis?
  • Planning for a system of continuous risk management: What would need to be done to establish an effective system of continuous risk management at the Thurgau Civil Protection Agency?

EBP completed its various assignments within a framework of numerous workshops that included the participation of many cantonal representatives and external experts. Our results establish an important basis for further contingency planning at the Thurgau Civil Protection Agency.

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