Climate Change Adaptation Strategy for the Energy Sector in Chile

With the help of a national adaptation strategy, the Chilean energy sector is preparing itself for the future impacts of climate change and taking advantage of potential opportunities. EBP developed the strategy together with Eridanus, Pöyry and CBI through a participative process that involved various stakeholders.

In 2015, Chile developed a national climate change adaptation strategy. In 2017, the government added an action plan for the subsequent six years that identifies necessary measures to be undertaken in the various sectors.

Currently, sector-specific adaptation strategies are under development, which are based on the national adaptation strategy and action plan and cover the most vulnerable sectors.

Adaptation in the Energy Sector

The Chilean Energy Ministry commissioned EBP, along with the Chilean firms Eridanus, Pöyry and CBI, to develop the national adaptation strategy for the energy sector.

The first step was to identify and prioritize for action the climate change impacts and resulting challenges, as well as benefits, that are influencing  energy production, distribution and demand.

In a second step, national-level adaptation measures for the prioritized impacts were defined, which included concrete descriptions of the measures, responsible persons, timeframes for implementation, the necessary budget and possible financing sources.

Integral Methodology

For the preparation of the project, we applied an an integral methodology, which included an in-depth national and international literature review, expert interviews and participative processes in three cities (Antofagasta, Santiado de Chile and Concepción). The results were then discussed with various impacted stakeholders from governmental and regional organizations, universities, as well as from the private sector.

As a result, we added specific expert opinions and regional circumstances to the existing, broad knowledge of the national and international experts on the project team.

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