Climate change adaptation in the tourism industry

The Swiss tourism industry depends on a reliable knowledge base and suitable communication measures to adapt appropriately to climate change. But what is the content of the knowledge base and what communication measures can be expected to best meet the needs of the industry? We organize expert workshops and industry-wide online surveys to gather the critical Information.

Tourism in Switzerland will continue to be affected by climate change. In order to remain an attractive and successful tourist destination for the long term and to exploit the extraordinary potential available, the tourism industry in Switzerland is called upon to prioritize climate change adaptation. EBP identifies what information is needed by the Swiss tourism industry.

The scope of work includes the analysis of existing literature, the organization of an expert workshop with different stakeholders of the Swiss tourism industry and the carrying out industry-wide online surveys. Based on the results of these activities, EBP drafts recommendations regarding the content of the necessary knowledge base and outlines communication measures geared to raise awareness among the various stakeholders in the tourism industry.