Climate Strategy for the Canton of Lucerne – Climate Adaptation Section

Climate change impacts are already being felt and will grow stronger in the coming years. What effects can be expected in the canton of Lucerne? How can the canton prepare itself, reduce its risks and take advantage of the opportunities?

The canton of Lucerne wants to be ready for climate change and has started to prepare a planning report on climate and energy policy. The report includes a section on climate mitigation and a section on climate adaptation.

Together with the relevant cantonal departments, EBP has developed the report’s climate adaptation section. During interactive workshops and group interviews, we discussed adaptation-relevant topics with a total of 35 experts and developed holistic measures for climate adaptation.

As part of a so-called "echo chamber", an event with interest groups, organizations from outside the cantonal administration were also able to voice their concerns and provide feedback on the adaptation measures being considered.

Our services

  • Identify climate change impacts on the canton of Lucerne.
  • Identify the opportunities and risks of climate change in a total of 9 action areas.
  • Compile existing cantonal measures.
  • Elaborate 49 additional adaptation measures.

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