Climate Strategy for the Canton of Lucerne – Climate Mitigation Section

To minimize climate change, the canton of Lucerne wants to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions as much as possible. EBP determined which sectors have the greatest mitigation potential and how the canton can achieve its net zero target by 2050.

The canton of Lucerne wants to prepare for climate change and has therefore commissioned the preparation of a planning report on climate and energy policy. The report includes a section on climate mitigation and a section on climate adaptation.

EBP supported the development of the climate mitigation section in the transport, forestry, and waste (including consumption) sectors. In interactive workshops, we accompanied the specialists from the respective cantonal departments to identify and discuss the report contents for the selected sectors.

Our services

  • Describe the canton’s starting situation and current climate mitigation activities in the transport, forestry and waste sectors.
  • Identify the reduction potential for each sector.
  • Define reduction targets for each sector.
  • Develop measures to achieve the targets.

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