Cluster potentials for the maritime industry in Hamburg

Our evaluation shows: Targeted incentives increase the location’s competitiveness.

International growth trend

The maritime industry is growing at a major speed worldwide. This is due to globalisation and increased trade flows. Its dynamic growth is a direct result of the continuous globalisation of the world economy and an increase in worldwide trade flows. The boom in the maritime industry has growth impulses on shipbuilding and port management.

Technological potential

The sustainability of the maritime sectors in the metropolitan region of Hamburg is influenced to a large degree by technological progress and innovations. Newest technologies are the trigger and growth driver for multiple sectors of the maritime industry.

Regional interconnectedness

Cooperation within the sector and a steady knowledge transfer are an important precondition for innovations in the maritime industry. Only the players' regional interconnectedness make it possible to exploit the potentials in the metropolitan region.

Evaluation of cluster potentials

Together with the North German Landesbank and MR Society for Regional Consulting, EBP is evaluating the current positioning of the maritime industry in the Hamburg metropolitan region and which challenges the industry will be facing in the future. Specific recommendations will be formulated for the development and strengthening of a competitive and innovative cluster for the maritime industry.

Picture Credits:, Photocapy, CC-BY-SA-2.0-DE

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