Communicating the “Emergency Assembly Point” Safety Concept

What are we to do when the sirens sound, when the power has been out for days, or when a notice has been issued to evacuate the neighborhood? Quite often the answer is to gather at a designated Emergency Assembly Point (EAP) for help and protection. An increasing number of Swiss cantons have implemented an EAP safety concept developed by EBP. To boost public awareness of the issues involved, we created a website offering intuitive instructions regarding EAPs. An interactive map makes it possible for Swiss residents to quickly find the location of their nearest EAP as well as information on what to do in case of an emergency.

Our services

  • Creation of a catchy logo, which is now in use throughout Switzerland
  • Concept, layout and editing of an EAP website for Switzerland (
  • Concept, layout and editing of a customizable flyer for the various regions and municipalities in Switzerland
  • Supporting other cantons when it comes to communicating the introduction of their EAPs
  • Creation of illustrations and infographics

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