Comprehensive revision of the Urdorf municipal development plan

In the context of a comprehensive revision of its municipal development plan, the town of Urdorf placed a thematic emphasis on transportation based on an integrated transportation concept primarily developed by EBP. The revision also places a special emphasis on the landscape. The development plan now makes a distinction between internal and external landscapes to meet high standards of internal development as well as new aspects such as ecological networks, biodiversity, and heat load.

Our services

  • Drafting of a strategy to account for settlement development along with internal and external landscape development as a basis for the municipal development plan
  • Drafting of the sections of the municipal development plan relating to settlement, landscape, transportation, public buildings and facilities, and energy
  • Organization and moderation of workshops with the municipality’s spatial planning work group
  • Presentation and moderation of discussions at municipal council meetings
  • Conceptualization of the public-participation process (survey, discussion, and informational event)
  • Evaluation of all documents drafted for the public disclosure and consultation period, public hearings, and the preliminary cantonal review

Picture: Drone view of Urdorf looking north
Picture Credits: © EBP

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