Concept for electric charging stations in Gossau

We developed a concept for the installation of charging stations to accommodate electromobility for the municipality of Gossau and its local power company. This included the development of a spatially detailed estimate of the expected demand for power and charging infrastructure. Our concept takes account of both publicly available charging infrastructure and that of the municipal properties. We also specified practical roles for the municipality and the local power company for the client and analyzed various approaches to operating the charging stations.

Our services

  • Drafting of a scenario-based forecast of the development of electromobility (e.g. including EBP data on changes in vehicle stock, charging demand, demand for charging stations)
  • Analysis of the future spatial distribution of charging demand per user group
  • Estimation of the costs of the charging infrastructure and the stages necessary for its realization and expansion
  • Specification of the roles to be played by the municipality and the local power company
  • Drawing up possible operating concepts
  • Submission of recommendations for next steps

Image: Cities and municipalities prepare for mobility transition
Picture Credits: Pixabay, LeeRosario

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