Condition assessment for critical infrastructure

All of the infrastructure we typically take for granted, including overpasses, underpasses, retaining walls, culverts, etc., begins to age as soon as it’s been built. Can we continue to rely on these structures to safely fulfill their function in the decades to come? Working on behalf of the Swiss government, the canton of Zurich, and Swiss Federal Railways (SBB), an experienced and interdisciplinary team of EBP specialists recently carried out a comprehensive assessment of the condition of critical railway structures. One of the project’s aims was to determine the actions that would be necessary to secure minimal lifecycle costs for the structures in question without compromising their structural integrity and function. The scope of our assignment included the following services.

Our services

  • Drafting of appropriate assessment concepts
  • On-site inspection and documentation of all structures; overseeing of material-technological examinations
  • Assessments of loadbearing integrity
  • Hydraulic calculations
  • Condition assessment and recommendations for action
  • Comparison of action proposals and recommendation of best proposals
  • Assessment of feasibility and construction sequences
  • Cost estimation
  • Documentation and reporting of results and plans

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