Consulting for Merging Wastewater Treatment Plants at the Jona River

Four municipalities of in the Canton of Zurich (Bubikon, Dürnten, Rüti and Wald) must decide between expanding their wastewater treatment plants and merging them to a central wastewater treatment plant in Rüti. For this purpose, they want to know the technical feasibility, the effects on the environment and society as well as the economic efficiency of different scenarios.

We support the four municipalities with technical, legal and procedural advice to facilitate decision-making.

Our services

  • Coordination of the project steering group with representatives of the municipalities and relevant authorities
  • Development of four scenarios based on the needs and requirements of the stakeholders
  • Preparation of the terms of reference and tendering of the feasibility study and the preliminary design
  • Quality assurance for the feasibility study
  • Synthesis of the results and presentation to the municipal decision-makers

Contact persons